Tara Chambers was a professional cellist and pianist in NYC for 20 years until an unexplained finger “injury" led her to discover the true power of cellular resonance and how our subconscious patterns/beliefs are running the show in our lives.  We can take all the “correct” action steps and practice really hard, but if we have any subconscious patterns that are not in alignment with our conscious intention, the subconscious holds 90% of the “weight” and sadly that “hard practicing” only affects our results by 10%.  Once she worked with a healer who was able to identify and clear the root causes (limiting beliefs and patterns) of her finger condition,  she won her very next audition and her life shifted to a paradigm of grace and ease.  She literally went from subbing on Broadway for 18 yrs to suddenly being the original cellist.  She was the same musician — only her cellular resonance had shifted.  As everything is connected, SO much in her life changed to the point where she had to listen to the fire in her heart wanting to explore this magical world of resonance and/or vibration in a committed way.   


Tara is passionate about showing others how to clear limitations via EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), essential oils and working with our Whole Body Wisdom so that we start living at our fullest expression which is our birthright. We ALL already have SO much potential inside of us right now, and it is time for us to reclaim our power.

Her website is  www.enhanceyourfrequency.com  


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March 10th 2018

Alignment with Your True Self and True Power
March 10th 2 - 4 30PM 

Our natural state is so powerful, abundant, and healthy.  All of us already have that natural state with immense potential inside of us, yet we are not always able to access our true potential.  It’s as if we are a tree constricted by vines that hinder our full expression of who we really are.  As we clear and transform these vines of unconscious limitation, life changes.  When we give ourselves permission to follow our hearts rather than tribal rules that we aren’t even conscious of, a new level of freedom takes place.  Fear dissolves piece by piece as we program our cells with Divine Truth and release the lies that we bought into on a cellular level.  We gain clarity on what our true passion is, and when we are living in alignment with our soul, a whole new level of joy, wellness and success shows up in our lives with ease and grace.  This circle is limitless, because the path of growth and expansion never ends.  With every circle you release more and more vines, and you start growing new branches with new fruit that you didn’t know were possible.  


What would your life look like if you could truly tap into living 100% authentically without having to apologize for it?  How would you feel if you truly loved how you paid your bills?  It’s all possible.

Space is limited to 10 people to maintain an intimate setting.  Please reserve your spot for $45 via this link.



If you have any questions, please reach out to Tara at Tara@Tarapath.net.

These circles have changed my whole outlook on life.  I attended a circle and lost 5 pounds effortlessly just from releasing fear. I didn’t know that was possible.   In the past I tried weight watchers and worked hard for results.  Also, my former health condition that affected my life everyday in really inconvenient ways suddenly vanished.  I honestly couldn’t believe it. I didn’t know this reality was possible for me.  I feel so much more empowered.  All I can say is I highly recommend this.


Erin, MA