Jody Webster


Jody Weber, Ph. D.

My journey began as a professional contemporary dancer. For the past 30 years, I have had, and continue to have, a beautiful fulfilling career as a choreographer, teacher, author and dance historian working in academia, traveling with my professional company, and working with communities across the nation. Over a decade ago I was called to bring balance between the physical systems of our bodies and our energetic systems. I began a shamanic practice that opened the doors of my energetic body. This practice led me to the Light Body School founded by Alberto Villoldo. As a graduate, I am thrilled to offer the ancient practices that I have learned and to help clients clear their energy fields, balance their physical bodies and begin to pursue their life's work.  Luminous Energy Healing is a great gift from our ancestral lines that helps us to release the energetic wounds that no longer serve us on our path, and engage with our destiny bringing a sense of richness, joy and purpose to our lives.

Introduction to Shamanic Practice  

The Center at Westwoods

Saturday, November 4: 2-5pm

$50/pre-register by October 31

$60 cash or check at the door


This workshop will help you discover how to draw the powerful wisdom of our ancestors into your life and apply it to the challenges of our contemporary world. Shamanism teaches us that what we perceive as reality in the world around us is a mirror of the unconscious programs and beliefs we carry from our families, our lineage and our past lives. These beliefs are stored as imprints in what shamans define as the Luminous Energy Field. Shamanic healing clears energetic imprints in the LEF and assists us in a return to comprehensive health helping us to find deeper purpose in our lives. 


Through this introductory workshop you will discover how the luminous energy field directly affects physical, emotional and spiritual health.  You will learn basic techniques to reduce your anxiety and stress and begin to foster a quiet place for spiritual connection and growth. Lastly, you will investigate the role of ceremony in deepening and reconnecting you with your most meaningful journey in this life.


This is an introductory workshop for the interested novice or beginning practitioner and will give you the essential tools you need to begin or enhance your own practice.


For more information or to pre-register email Dr. Jody Weber at weberdance@rcn.com