Jim Wolfson Bio


Jim Wolfson is a shamanic healer, life coach, and yoga and meditation instructor.  He helps individuals, relationships, families and teams connect with their core to make lasting changes.



As a shaman he helps clients clear stagnant energy, connect with marginalized parts of themselves, and source from their highest destiny to bring power and resonance to their lives.  Approaches include chakra clearing and illumination, soul retrieval, energy extractions, and destiny and power animal retrieval. 



He also facilitates shamanic ceremonies for transformation and honoring.  This is a powerful way to dream your world anew, focus on where you need support and blessings, and to then set your intentions and release them to the universe.  These ceremonies are for individuals, couples or families. 



As a life coach, he helps people sort out what they truly want and how to move into skillful action.  Uncovering and gaining awareness of life purpose and the shadow self lead clients to deeper fulfillment.  Learning to access our intuition and gaining more emotional intelligence and range are part of the work.  Meditation and stress management help support the process.    



After receiving his MBA from MIT, he spent 10 years in corporate America and then owned and operated his own business for 10 years.  He has practiced Kundalini yoga and meditation for over 30 years, and is a certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor. He has also done extensive work in somatic and movement therapy and is a certified Kripalu Yogadance instructor.  Jim is a certified life coach and relationship systems coach and has completed the Healing the Light Body shamanic training from the Four Winds Society. 









Jim Wolfson guides Men in their Prime to lives of
Power, Purpose and Passion.    

Relationships and teams learn to source from the place of "Us" and be with each other in alignment and peace.
Coaching for individuals, couples and teams 

I have ceased to question stars and books;
I have begun to listen to the teachings my blood whispers to me.
Herman Hesse

Law of Attraction:
When you feel love for something, you attract that thing in ways that are easy to work with.
When you feel fear about something, you attract that thing in ways that provide challenges.

Shamanic Services Jim Wolfson offers

Jim Wolfson


  • Chakra Illumination and clearing
  • Crystallized and fluid extractions
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Destiny Retrieval
  • Personal power animal retrieval
  • Install Bands of Protection
  • Despacho Ceremony
  • Energy cord cutting and healing


Jim is now offering sessions at Westwoods.

 Please contact Jim to directly to schedule an appt

 by calling 508-789-1290 or email at jim@jimwolfson.com

Men's Meditation


“A sacred space is created when Jim Wolfson facilitates a men’s group.  I found the sessions to be relaxing, enlightening, honest and a valuable contributor to my daily meditation practice.  This group is great for experienced or beginning meditation students.  In addition to the variety of techniques learned during this session, I picked up tips from other spiritual traditions and ways of being.  Do yourself a favor; spend some time with Jim in a men’s meditation session.”

                                                                                                       Michael Nagle


“I had no idea what to expect before we started the men's meditation group. Having now completed the full program utilizing many of the ideas and techniques Jim taught us, I am simply a better man.  (I really want to thank you Jim for an experience that well exceeded my expectations.) 


A real sense of bonding occurred with other men in a safe and instructive environment. I became more in tune with my mind and body in a way that could bring my "state of being" to a place of belonging. Most importantly was the dynamics of each person in our group and how, as a group, we transformed into a cohesive unit of people that each of us became responsible for the whole experience. 


Our weekly meeting quickly became an event not to miss.  Something we all looked forward too every week. Perhaps it was an hour 1/2 to two hours of a closeness and protectiveness that allowed each of us to be more authentic with each other. Something very rare.  I would very strongly recommend to any men that are ready to explore more about their own needs and what makes them tick, ultimately to become a happier more fulfilled soul, they need to run, not walk to the nearest place to sign up for Jim's most beautiful, relaxing and life-changing workshops.”


Noel M Raphael



"I lead a very busy lifestyle.  hectic work schedule, travel, long hours....  Stress is a real factor in my life.  When I heard about the Men's meditation group I was intrigued - but skeptical as I heard mixed reviews about meditation...  After some consideration I decided to give it a shot - as I was hoping it would help me deal w the stress.  I must say it was a fabulous experiences.  Jim's knowledge, passion and his experiential style made the experience both very enjoyable during the sessions as well as empowering to take away and apply in my busy life.  I learnt different meditation styles (all of which were fantastic); breathing techniques and energy channeling.  But probably the most valuable part of the experience for me was getting an appreciation for the truth about what I am, how I feel, what I want and why...  I was inspired to start journaling and thinking differently; recognize positive and negative energies around me and not let things derail me.  The amazing thing is that I was actually able to apply the insights gained immediately in my day-to-day life...   And I could feel the difference!


The sessions themselves were great.  I found myself looking forward to my tuesday evening retreat from "reality".  Every session was different.  I think Jim has a general theme in mind for each evening and then he improvises based on the discussion to ensure we all get the most from each and every insight raised...  When an open loop emerges - Jim follows up with an email with reference material, all of which is excellent!  It really is a very positive and enriching experience and I urge and man who is feeling over or underwhelmed with the hustle and bustle of every day life to invest this precious 2 hours per week and learn a little about himself..."


Larry Perlov


“I have wanted to meditate for some time, but the books and tapes I had tried in the past were not effective for me. Jim’s guided meditation and awareness training workshop was the perfect answer. By modeling an atmosphere of trust, connection and openness, he was able to create the ideal environment for the practice of self-exploration and expression. His exercises helped me reach a state of awareness of mind, body and soul that was simply not otherwise possible.


Jim’s calm and wise manner are very conducive to meditation, but he goes even further with a kind yet persistent way of pushing each of us to probe beneath the surface to reach new insights and truths about ourselves. I felt comfortable sharing my personal experiences with the rest of the group and found new wisdom in attentively listening to others’ experiences as well.


In today’s modern world of stress and hyper-stimulation, the ability to learn a path to peace and self-awareness is a true gift. I would recommend Jim’s workshop to anyone seeking deeper meaning and understanding in their lives.”


 Larry R.


“When I started this workshop eleven weeks ago, I was going through a late mid-life crisis.  I felt depressed and kind of lost in the routine of the daily life.  I was looking for a place that would teach me some meditation techniques and provide some stimulation.  I got much more than that.Today I feel very different.  My priorities have changed, I am back to listening to my inner voice, and my life feels much more balanced. I did not do anything drastic.  I do fifteen minutes of deep-breathing meditation every morning and every night, I do a little bit of tai chi quan and chi gong exercises, I pay closer attention to what and how much I eat.  And, I go to Jim’s workshop.  Not all of this is directly related to this workshop, but Jim provided key inspiration and guidance.    Thank you, Jim!”


Nick R



“My experience with the men's meditation group has been both enlightening and rewarding. It has been very interesting to learn more about myself while acquiring some genuinely effective skills for stress management. The sessions are thought provoking and sometimes challenging. I look forward to these classes because of the sincere communication and camaraderie that Jim is so adept at creating. I am very happy to recommend the men's meditation group to anybody with any interest in

self development. I have come away from the experience with a greater sense of self-awareness and a better ability to handle stress.”


Arthur Gould



“I joined the men's group with no experience in meditation, and an open mind in terms of expectations. I decided that instead of going in with a particular goal, I would simply have the experience and see what I took out of each week. We always began the sessions with some form of deep meditation, as Jim helped us let go of what was going on in our busy lives and "land." I particularly enjoyed how Jim pushed us each week to try new exercises, leaving our comfort zones. Sharing our personal experiences and debriefing the exercises was always a nice part of the session and something that brought the group of men closer together. Though Jim pushed us, we all felt safe within the group, and I was always impressed with how much people were willing to divulge. I hope to continue with Jim's group in the next session!”


Jeff Katz