Dunja Carlson-Moeller Ph.D. has done extensive research and clinical training in medical anthropology. She wrote “Gentle Medicine”, a book on anthroposophical medicine. She has worked at the Center for Psychology and Social Change at Harvard Medical School, where she chaired an academic and interdisciplinary forum addressing healing and social change. Her expertise lies in an integral approach, bridging the world of western medicine and alternative health. She is both a Body Memories and The Art of Natural Breathing Master Practitioner and teacher, is certified in Postural Integration (deep tissue structural bodywork), and graduated from the Lynn Andrews Center for Sacred Arts and Training. Her private practice is located in Billerica, Massachusetts. Breathing fully and sharing it with the world has become a way of life for Dunja.

Dunja uses the breath as a tool for healing, stress reduction, and increasing awareness of one’s life. The breath can be used to release and heal emotional traumas. At the time of trauma, the first thing we do is to hold our breath or take short and shallow breaths. By releasing the breath we can open up to more trust and a new perception of ourselves. Breathing exercises form the foundation of many ancient healing practices. They help to connect us to our essential selves; our source, one may say, our own spirit and will power. Deep flowing breath is a good sign of health, balance and fullness of one’s own spirit and life force. Short, weak or shallow breaths indicate stress, confusion and, generally speaking, health problems. Life is being held back. During inhalation, fresh oxygen and energy are brought into the body and organs, nourishing cells and tissues and the body’s natural energy centers. With each exhalation, the body releases carbon dioxide, waste and toxins and all the accumulated stress and anxiety. Participants will learn how their body already knows how to breathe, letting go of incomplete experiences and watching their natural breathing ability return.

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Aug. 31st, Sep. 28th, Oct. 26th, Nov. 30th,Dec. 28th 2018

 Here are some words of a good collegue, friend and fantastic yoga teacher about the class.


“Dunja is a true healer and is developing quite a Durga following...if you haven't tried her breathing intensive before, we promise you will love it! “  -Jen, Yoga teacher at The Durga Studio


Let go of toxicity and stuck energy, and breathe better than ever...a perfect ritual as we make the change into Autumn.   


As the day's get shorter the inner calls us to be more contemplative. Through this dynamic breathing meditation we are guided to explore our inner realms.


The Art of Natural Breathing is a transformative breath practice that gently reminds us that we are energetic beings foremost and that the activated life force coursing through our veins is "big medicine" healing anything in it's wake.


Pulsations are the founding principles of the universe. We come to life through the power of the pulsating male and female creative forces. The tides of the sea and the expansion and contraction of our organs reminds us that we are embedded in a profound rhythm that mirrors not only the movement of the planets but our inhales and exhales- the breath of life.


The appreciation for each class is $40.


Please bring a blanket to lie on and wear comfortable clothing.


Workshops for a better life
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Dunja Carlson-Moeller Ph.D. is an Anthropologist with extensive research and clinical training in medical anthropology, a field concerned with cross-cultural comparisons of medical systems and healing processes.  Check out her website and learn more about the breath at www.workshopsforabetterlife.com





Class dates are:  March 27th, April 24th, May29th, June 26th,