Known as a mystical physician, Dr. Christine Page was immersed in spiritual mysteries from an early age, and has always been connected intuitively to other realms of consciousness. In the search for true healing, she has over 30 years of experience in the caring professions as doctor and homeopath receiving her degree from the Royal Free Medical School, London.   

Now, focusing on education, she is a gifted intuitive, mystic and alchemist, sharing her insights and knowledge through teaching, soul readings and writing. As an international, inspirational speaker, she sees herself as a messenger and bridge builder between different worlds whether this includes modalities of health care or levels of consciousness. Author of 7 books, the best known being Frontiers of Health, her latest, 2012 and the Galactic Center; the Return of the Great Mother, was published in October 08. Her new book on the sacred identity of women is due to be published next year and will be the source of new teachings

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Embodying the Sacred Woman: Love, Healing & Empowerment