Dave "Drumhead" Curry lead his first public drum circle in 2001, and since then has expanded his activities under the name of "Drums For One & All", to include facilitating drumming events, teaching workshops and private lessons, giving live drumming and musical performances, and doing drum repairs.  Over the past 17 years, Dave has lead more than a thousand drum circles and workshops for schools, colleges, churches, retreat centers and other organizations across New England.


For regular monthly events, Dave hosts the popular FreeDrum, which he affectionately refers to as his "rock and roll" drum circle -- known for it's high energy improvisational style.  On the calmer side is SpiritDrum, which is a meditative and intimate gathering for quieter instruments.


For annual events, Dave teaches hand drumming classes through the Assabet continuing adult education program, both in the spring and fall sessions.  Dave also is a co-creator and co-organizer of the long running Eastern Massachusetts Rhythm Festival which is entering its 14th season.  Other high-profile events include leading drummers for the annual Jimmy Fund Marathon Walk, Boston Figment, and the Attleboro Winter Night Festival.


Dave's drumming skills cover a wide range of cultural traditions, styles and instrumentation.  In particular, he enjoys playing West African djembe and dununs, and also Middle Eastern doumbek and frame drums.  His drum performances often find him accompanying belly dancers and "flow artists" (hula hoop dancers, poi spinners, fire spinners, etc).


Not limited to hand drums, Dave also sings, plays guitar, bass, didgeridoo, Native American wooden flutes, harmonium, shruti and kalimba.  He is able to perform as a "one man band", often in the capacity of providing live meditative music for yoga classes.


Over the years, Dave has been refining his "High Vibrations" events, a unique multi-modal group experience which brings together all of his facilitation and musical talents to include gentle body movement, guided meditation, trance drumming, sacred chant and healing sound bath immersion.


Dave moderates the Drums For One & All group page on Facebook, which is an open forum for anyone interested in hand drumming and drum circles.  The group helps its 900+ members stay informed of drumming events around the central New England region.


~ To learn more about Dave and DFOA ~

Email:  Drumhead@dslextreme.com

Website:  www.DrumsForOneAndAll.org

Facebook: look for "Dave Drumhead Curry"


High Vibrations  

March 24th from 7 to 10 pm


You're invited to join us on this unique journey of self healing through the gentle power of rhythm, movement, sound and peaceful contemplation.

High Vibrations combines the elements of sacred drumming, spiritual chanting, life-affirming ritual, guided meditation and soft body movement. Together, these elements open pathways for us to experience deep connection as a group and within ourselves as individuals.

The beginning and ending of the event involve active participation, while the middle section allows the participants to be fully immersed in a sound bath meditation.

You're encouraged to dress in comfortable clothing that is appropriate for gentle movement. You may also wish to bring a blanket and/or yoga mat to lie on.

In order to minimize distractions, we ask that people arrive before 7pm to settle in before the opening ceremony.

Cost is $10 per adult.