A Musical Meditation



Please join Daniel Shea and David Curry. We have an intriguing night of sacred music and movement planned that will delight your ears, assist your deep meditations and leave you feeling refreshed. Hearing a diverse assortment of worldly instruments and harmonizing ancient sacred chants from Tibet, India and Japan will spark your imagination as we weave poems, and beautiful sounds from didgeridoo’s, flutes, a shruti box, tibetan bowls, sacred drums and a variety of gongs into a pleasant vibrational experience. We will end the night with a lively drum/dance jam assisted by attendees playing hand held percussion (instruments supplied).


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“The January Sacred Sound Salon event, “Breaking the Spell of Winter’s Chill,” by Daniel Shea and David Curry, was a magical journey that fully demonstrated the power of what sacred sound can do. With their incredible array of instruments from a wide variety of cultures, and their heartful, sensitive, and impeccably coordinated performance, Dan and Dave truly took all in attendance on a spiritual journey from forests to deserts to the heights of snowy mountains. Tears, sighs, and deep relaxation took over the room as attendees were gently guided into spaces of deep remembering of our collective human experience, and from there into deep healing. I can wait to hear them again!”

                                                                                                       ~Brecken Chinn, Co-founder, Sacred Sound Salon

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