Cynthia Gramer

Cynthia Gramer has been joyfully teaching yoga in and around Boston since 2002. Over the years she has trained in several styles, both rigorous and meditative, but her classes these days are oriented around breath, heart, and present moment awareness. Cynthia's yin yoga and meditation class combines gentle stretching of the body's deeper tissues (through poses held with muscles relaxed) and an invitation to arrive in the here and now, fully present as both form and awareness.  In addition to teaching yoga, Cynthia works with individuals as an intuitive guide and portal into Presence.  A Reiki Master and avid student of consciousness, freedom and love, Cynthia has participated in and led circles of women since 1998. She considers it a privilege to teach and creates space where students and clients feel free, supported and connected to the teacher within.

Quotes from her students

"Cynthia is a breath of fresh air!  She brings a sense of humor and joy to every class that makes holding Yin poses for five minutes seem enjoyable.  I always look forward to her classes because I learn something unexpected, and that helps me go deeper into my poses and myself.  I highly recommend her classes. "  Bobbie Wells

"Cynthia is an amazing yoga instructor, guide and Reiki practitioner.  Her compassionate style and wisdom allow her to provide exactly what each student needs.  I am continually impressed with how she seeks out new knowledge and then shares it with her students. She has a beautiful heart and brings grace to everything she does.  Taking a class or workshop with Cynthia is a blessing that I encourage everyone to bring to their life!"  Lori Bruce

"Cynthia has a wonderful way of getting to the heart of the matter. Be it a physical pain and a way to ease that or how to do yoga that makes sense for the individual. She listens and then heals. I highly recommend her."  Ed Shifman

"Imagine this: you are in a yoga class in which the teacher guides you gently through a series of asanas that float - weightless - on the breath.  At the same time, you are embraced by the deep love and compassion that this teacher carries within herself. A dash of playful humor, and this is yoga with Cynthia. One more thing - if you're very lucky, Cynthia will sing for you at the end of class - she has the voice of an angel."  Janet Devasher

"Cynthia is one of the most intuitive people I know, on the mat and off. She is a master at reading the energy of a yoga class and teaching exactly what is needed to unify the group, bringing us together in focus, flow, and breath, while leaving room for individual exploration and insight. The words of wisdom she lovingly sprinkles throughout the class are beautiful. I always leave her class feeling better than I did when I went in." Natalie Engler