About Ameeta 

Ameeta was born and raised in India, and came to America 20 years ago for a great work opportunity, at 32 years of age. The death of her father soon after she got here left her wondering about the truth behind death and life! Just a few years later she met her guru, Adyashanti, a contemporary American spiritual teacher, whose teachings about truth and love resonated greatly for her. With his guidance she has been practicing meditation and inquiry for 15 years now. 

For the last 8 years she has been sharing her experience on the journey through meetings held in various places including Newton. She also shares her poetry and writing on her blog, and via a mailing. 

In 2017 she was called to do a solo retreat in Taos New Mexico, where she encountered the sacred Taos Mountain. Taos Ma, as she calls her mountain, touched her very deeply, as a vibrant expression of unobstructed Spirit in majestic female form! During the retreat she communed daily with Taos Ma and received her blessing and guidance. This poem sums up her interaction with the sacred mountain!

What are you to me
Taos Ma?

How is it
You capture my attention so?

Spirit in form
You display magnificently
my potential

Seeing you
My past selves remember
being your mother, sister, friend

Seeing you
My future selves sense
your blood in me

'Be my daughter'
You invite
Me into your silent repose

Opening your sky arms
of radiant red and glowing gold
You embrace me

And I am held
in the sweetest love
that includes every bit of me

Everyday you call me to you
To fill my being with your essence?

More and more it feels
like you may want
to use my voice
to speak your words
to use my body
to make your journeys
out into the world
where we crave
your stillness and love

More and more it feels
like your whispers
are being heard deep within
So that I am 
neither mother nor daughter
and both
Neither woman nor mountain
and both

Is that so
Taos Ma?
Am I to be your daughter
in this life,
Am I to be
Moving Mountain?

The mountain started to impact her spiritual practice, including the practice of dance yoga that she had recently started doing. 

The result is a form of dance yoga that she calls Moving Mountain - Spirit Dancing. 


Moving Mountain- Spirit Dancing starts April 11th 2018

Moving Mountain - Spirit Dancing.


first class is April 11th from 1 to 3 pm. 


There is no fee for the April 11th class afterwards it will be $20 a person


(Schedule will be the 2nd & 4th week of each month on Wednesdays)


Simply put this is a practice of first connecting with our true and natural self, the mountain inside us, and then allowing that connection to move us in the form of spontaneous dance. 

Specifically, in this practice we start with a short guided meditation, which draws us into the mountain of our embodied essential nature, its stillness, silence, solidity and sacredness. 

Then we allow the mountain to move from its own innate wisdom, love and joy, in the way of Dance. There are no prescribed steps that we need to learn. Instead we allow  our bodies to move naturally and spontaneously, cajoled by a moving music soundtrack that Ameeta has put together. The use of this music draws on Gabrielle Roth's 5 Rhythms, which first introduced Ameeta to dance as a spiritual practice.

The Moving Mountain - Spirit Dancing practice gently facilitates and fosters the embodiment process, of living from our deepest wisdom, by allowing our bodies to remember their essential nature, to shed layers of conditioning, to unite all parts of ourselves in the beauty of our true nature, and  to move from that unity and wholeness, totally undivided and free in exquisite human form. 


for more information or to register contact Ameeta at  ameetak@gmail.com


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