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In the 1800s Westwood was the farming community of Dedham and the land, upon which the Center rests today, was one of those farms. At one point in the farm’s early history the wetlands were developed into a cranberry bog. However, in the 1940s, the farm was sold off to a family to be used as a space for living only.

In 2002 the property was being sold and while some of the old farm buildings still stood, the land became in danger of being further developed. The conservation project was born and Westwoods was purchased that year with the goal to protect the precious wetlands and surrounding forests.

Renovation and restoration of the property began immediately. The very first day that we came to walk the grounds we stepped into what is now the Meditation Hall and instantly there was a distinct feeling that this land had another purpose. This land was healing and a space to hold others as they grew and healed and meditated. That initial vision grew into creating the non-profit organization, The Center at Westwoods. Visits to the grounds are available by permission.