Path to Moss Pond


Westwoods originally began as a conservation project that has since evolved to include the aspect of a healing center. The 74 acres of protected land abuts several other conservation areas in the area creating a sizeable habitat for area flora and fauna.

There is a mix of distinct forest habitats, from old farming fields where deer graze at dusk and hawks circle above to towering stands of old pine trees that lend a cool shade while walking on a carpet of reddish-brown needles. Walking further into the land you pass by Moss Pond where coyote sign and turtles lend their energy to the space and islands of beech forest. Sit amongst the precious wetlands, which are home to several species of bird. Owls, ducks, woodpeckers, and turkeys are some of the larger species of bird you can see as you enjoy the environment.

Several trails snake through the woods. Bird lovers can enjoy early morning and evening walks or if you are looking for a space to ground yourself in the earth, the paths have many special places that encourage you to stop and sit while you enjoy a tree, the birdsong, or simply a connection to the earth you are sitting on.

Here at Westwoods you will find a peaceful path on which to walk, rest, or meditate. 

Visits to the grounds available by permission